Zen Titan goes live on Tuesday 17th January @ 11AM:


Zen Titan is a software & training package focused on YouTube and Amazon.

The tools let people promote Amazon/ClickBank affiliate programs… using YouTube/Google SEO traffic.

It automatically creates videos and articles for keywords like “top lightweight laptops 2016”.

So you get free traffic from both YouTube & Google for that keyword, then turn it into affiliate commissions

With 256 million products on Amazon… and 3 billion monthly searches on YouTube… the potential is huge.

Zen Titan automates this system – from product/niche selection… to video creation… to website building.

The front-end offer includes FOUR completely NEW software tools.

Together these combine to make a complete “make money with Amazon & YouTube” system:

• STEP 1 – Browse our “Zen Niches” database and pick from over 100 niches that get huge free searches on YouTube

• STEP 2 – Do a bit of research and enter some info about the top products in that niche into “Zen Affiliate” software http://videojv.com/tools.html

• STEP 3 – Spin this data to create instant affiliate reviews – then export 5-10 products into a “campaign file” (eg “top laptops 2016.zip”)

• STEP 4 – Import this campaign file into the “Zen Video” software to create your video review

• STEP 5 – Import this campaign file into the “Zen eCommerce” theme to create your affiliate article review

It’s the easiest way to get free traffic from YouTube, and turn it into Amazon/ClickBank/JVZoo commissions!

Tools and angles

I highly recommend you review the email swipes  here  and a preview of the sales letter here

There is a lot included within the package. So you have a wide choice of angles to choose, depending on your list:

General IM / make money – focus on some of the big sales numbers for Amazon ($100 billion/year) & YouTube (3 billion searches/month)

Affiliate marketing – explain the basics – customers will promote Amazon and ClickBank AFFILIATE offers – with FREE traffic – in a NEW way

Traffic – the traffic you get with Zen Titan is FREE (YouTube/Google SEO) and also VERY targeted (anyone searching “top blenders under $100” is a BUYER).

YouTube – Create videos with “Zen Video creator” to rank for the 3 billion searches per month on YouTube. Competition is low and YouTube searches are huge.

Amazon – affiliate marketing on Amazon is huge, with $100 billion annual revenue and 256 million products to promote.

Google & SEO – Zen Titan theme lets you rank for Google keywords like “Sony Vaio XYZ laptop” or “top gaming laptops”. Free & very targeted traffic.

eCommerce – Want to get into the ecommerce game, but want something easy and simple? Why not become an Amazon affiliate with this new system

Broadly, the main angles are:

• Amazon (annual revenue of $100 billion a year… 256 million products to promote..affiliates can take a slice)

• YouTube (3 billion searches and very little competition for these 256 million keywords!)

• Traffic (completely FREE and very TARGETED… plus no-one is targeting these keywords so low-hanging fruit)

• Value (wow! all these tools for a $7 price!? This is insane!)

One final point – please take a moment to review the rough sales page here – any email that is congruent with this pitch is likely to do great…

Zen Titan Softwares

Along with PDF & video training, there are 4 software tools included in Zen Titan front-end package:

1) The Zen Affiliate Niche tool

Database of 100+ $1k-$100k/day Amazon niches you can target on YouTube/Google. Runs in your browser.

2) Zen Affiliate

Web-based software to manage all your products and export campaigns as video (Zen Video) and articles (Zen Theme)

Start by researching products and enter some info (price/features). Now click save and the product appears on the campaigns page.

From here you can add products (eg. 10 laptops) and then export your campaign as a zip file (“10 best laptops under $1,000”).

Here’s the cool bit: this zip file can be imported into Zen Video (to create an instant video) and Zen Theme (to create a spun article!)

Edit settings (add mp3 audio, change background and font), insert slides (text/image/video), browse animations, then render your video.

3) Zen Video

Desktop-based (Adobe Air – PC/Mac) video creation software, to create Amazon/ClickBank review videos.

Import the file created above (by Zen Affiliate) into Zen Video to create an instant affiliate review videos.

Edit settings (add mp3 audio, change background and font), insert slides (text/image/video), browse animations, then render your video.

4) Zen eCommerce Theme (for WordPress)

A WordPress theme focused purely on Amazon. Super-fast install, and ready to go “out the box”.

Import the file created above (by Zen Affiliate) into the theme to create an instant affiliate review article.

Focused on monetization… yet 100% compliant for Google SEO traffic.

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