Moon has been joined – and it’s not a star


A powerful luminous ‘star’ can these days be seen light the sky up with the moon – but there is actually a planet Many Danes got an eyeful when the Monday looked up at the dark, clear winter sky

Moon had been given a bright company, but the many users who contacted TV2 WEATHER, found it hard to understand if it was going to be a star in splendid isolation.

And it is neither the case. Instead, it is the planet Venus, which currently can be seen bright strongly up next to the moon – a little under the moon and to the right.
The above photo is from Allan Reib who took this beautiful picture late Monday afternoon from Elsinore.

While Venus is the entire 113 million. kilometers from Earth, so the moon is ‘only’ 383,150 kilometers away, but Venus is still the brightest sky object after the sun and moon.

The planet is also called ‘morning or evening star’ as it depends on the season seen be bright in the sky either morning or evening.

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