Commission example

bitbond small business loans

Terms of our bitcoin affiliate program

You can link to any individual Bitbond page, such as the homepage, a landing page, the loan listings page, or anything else on Bitbond
You will earn bitcoins from users who ❶ arrive to the site through your affiliate link ❷ sign up and ❸ get a loan or invest successfully
Your commissions will be paid instantly to your Bitbond wallet in bitcoins
A visitor will be considered as your invitee for 3 months
Commissions will be paid for 2 years from the user’s registration
Commission is based on the transaction volume the new user brings for Bitbond
Borrower commission: 20% x the origination fee
Lender commission: 30% x share of the loan the user funded x the origination fee
Any foul play, such as misleading advertising, is forbidden
Bitbond has the right to disable any affiliate user at any given time
Commission example

Two users, brought to the Bitbond website via your affiliate link, register (one borrower and one lender). Both are involved in the same loan, one borrowing and the other lending, with a term of 12 months and an amount of 20 BTC. This loan generates a 2.0% origination fee on the loan volume. You earn a 20% commission on this origination fee from the borrower and 30% commission on the origination fee from the lender. In total 50% of the Bitbond fee. Your earned sum is 0.2 BTC.

Only loans that get funded are considered. Payouts are done instantly when a loan is funded.

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