The Whole Point of Online Marketing

You see… overall we all as online entrepreneurs are in this online marketing game ultimately because to make money.

This is the goal, this is the reason, this is the whole point. download_1

But as we all know online space is so full of information, you know… ways of doing things, strategies, programs, products and so one that it’s difficult to stay on track on that goal. Doesn’t it ?

I will give you a great analogy to illustrate my point.

Imagine… if you started to play a game and the main reason for you to play it was to HAVE FUN. Just to have a great time and have fun.

Now, as you start to play that game, you know… you start to learn how it works and stuff, you slowly realize what that game consist of and stuff and without even you noticing –the game slowly starts to take over you.

In time you start to get in the game so much that you want to get more of everything that is in that game, you know… levels, resources, positions, reach higher score and stuff.

As you move further for MORE, you start to compete and battle with other for the position of MORE. You create guide and allies to take over stuff and get more of EVERYTHING and doing so, you completely forgot the whole point of the game and that was to just have a fun in the moment.
(there is actually a big life lesson there)



The same in online space. All of we are in online space, just to make money but because we are not FOCUSED enough on that goal on that target, we easily get distracted and move away from that goal.
And in doing so, we focus and do things that are not as important and therefore we are not moving closer to our ultimate goal the main reason, the whole point of the marketing game.


What is a solution?

The solution actually is very simple.

Focus on making money moment by moment, until you get in the habit of that way of thinking and doing things.

Do only activities that make you money or is some have connected to make you money.


To Your Online Success
Sany Fox
(Proud Four Percent Member)




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